Reflections on Psalm 29

Lift up your voices, you heavenly beings; raise your praise to the heavenly rafters that all magificence and strength belong to the Lord. Give Him every bit of the glory that He is due. You live in the full splendor of His holiness — worship Him who is at the centre of it all.

Even with your most full-throated adulation, your voices are faint echoes of His voice rumbling over the waters, the reverberation of His glory thundering over all He has created. His voice, majestic in its power, shatters the sturdiest tree into splinters. His Word causes the earth to quake and heave like a skittish calf on its wobbling newborn legs. His voice strikes like lightning, full of righteous energy that splits apart the darkness. It shakes those who are parched because they live in a spiritual wasteland. His voice is a whirlwind that twists men’s idols and strips them naked. His glory is there to be seen by all who worship Him.

For God is on His throne. He created nature and He rules it. No force in heaven or on earth can supplant Him. He is the One who strengthens His people. They have peace even in the midst of chaos, because they understand all these things and put their trust only in Him.