Reflections on Psalm 25:

I have chosen to make You Lord of my life – to put my trust in You instead of in myself or in others; in wealth or power or status.

I trust in You, but I know my own frailty. I am all too well aware of how my human nature battles constantly with my spiritual self, how my first inclination is to the easy, the self-satisfying. I need Your help – the power of depending on Your Holy Spirit – to keep from shaming You, from letting Satan get the upper hand over me.

I know that if I really trust You, I’ll honor You through what I say and do – who I am. I have no reason not to trust You, so I really have no excuse for ever turning away from You.

Show me how to live Your way, Lord! Teach me a whole new way to walk through this life, how to conduct myself without going off the rails.

Guide me in Your truth; not “truth” as I see it or the world defines it, but the truth as You know it – real, unchanging, pure. Help me to remember where my hope is – in You – and to take that hope with me and keep it close through every minute or every day. I need it to undergird every interaction and every situation I encounter.

My hope is in Your mercy and love. I have no claim to righteousness on my own; I’ve already made too many mistakes for that.

I’m so grateful that You instruct sinners; otherwise I’d be lost. You guide those who realize their need, who sincerely repent and who want to learn the right way to live on this earth. That’s the entrance exam to Your hope, and those who pass it experience firsthand Your love and faithfulness. I for one know just how much and how often I’ve failed You, Lord – how much I need Your forgiveness.

All who truly hold You in the awesome respect You deserve will find themselves being taught by You, being led to the right choices. No one will have to guess or go it alone. They’ll be rich in Your wisdom, and their spiritual descendants will inherit that legacy.

All this takes constant vigilance. I know that unless I keep my eyes on You, I’m in real danger from the traps Satan has laid for me, often in the places I least suspect. Only You can release me from the ones I walk into.

Right now I’m feeling spiritually isolated and under attack, Lord. I need an extra measure of Your grace. My heart is troubled and I need your comfort. I feel worried and afraid, and that’s when it’s easiest for me to be tempted to put my focus on the situation and away from You. There are so many things swirling around my head right now, dive-bombing my thoughts.

Reinforce the helmet of my salvation, Lord! Be my guard, my refuge. You are the only strength I have in times like this. My only integrity comes from my trust in You. My only righteousness is my commitment to You. Only Your hope can protect me.

May all those You have called choose to share in that hope!