Reflections on Psalm 33:

In right relationship to God, each new dawn sings the opening notes of a fresh song of praise to Him. As I put myself in His hands, He makes me an instrument only He can play with unerring skill and joy. His love and my response create a beautiful harmony.

His Word is the definition of truth, the description of righteousness. Anyone who wonders what faithfulness looks like need only look at Him. He loves what is right, what is just. He has filled the earth with a love that never fails.

He spoke, and created the heavens. As He exhaled, the stars were sprinkled like diamonds across the vast expanse. It was His hands that gathered the waters into oceans, heaping them into the depths He had prepared for them. Everything on earth is a testament to His awesome power — a force evident for every person to recognize and revere. For what He pronounces comes to be, and what He commands, stands. Oh, the nations make their own plans to suit their own schemes, but God foils them with the flick of His finger, like a troublesome mosquito. It’s His plan that is set in stone, written by that same finger, unassailable, immovable, unalterable. His plan — the overarching, uncompromising purpose of His heart — is to redeem us from our sin and save us, so we can know and share in His love for all eternity. No person, no nation, no army will stand against that love and those who respond to it.

Those who choose God will inherit everything worth having — everything. The Lord sees and knows each heart; He made them in the first place. Those who know Him and His powerful love that never gives up — those are the people who trust Him to deliver them from the final judgment, and keep their spirits nourished among those who are starved of belief.

Our loving relationship with Jesus is our lifeline of hope while we wait for Him to come again. His Holy Spirit helps us endure all things; shielding us from the lies of Satan and the world that is under his menacing shadow. We have the joy of knowing Christ and the assurance of His promises; His undeserved, undiminished, undeterred, unfailing love. And so we can sing:

By Your Word was heaven made; by Your breath the stars arrayed. All the earth is full of Your unfailing love.

As You gather waters deep in Your storehouses to keep, all the earth is full of Your unfailing love.

Lord, Your Word is right and true, How we love and worship You. All the earth is full of Your unfailing love.

When You spoke, it came to be.  All Your purposes You’ll see. For the earth is full of Your unfailing love.

Lord, Your plans stand firms always. You have ordered all our days. All the earth is full of Your unfailing love.

As we wait in hope we yield, to You Lord, our help and shield. All the earth is full of Your unfailing love.

Rest on us, Lord above, for we hope in Your love. We fear Your name and praise You as one voice.

Rest on us, Lord above, all the joy of Your love. As we trust You, Lord, You make our hearts rejoice!