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Reflections on Psalm 56:

I need Your mercy, my God. People who hate me are breathing down my neck. Their attacks on me never let up. They think they’re better than me, more deserving than me, stronger than me — and they’re intent on bringing me down.

They scare me; there’s nothing they won’t stoop to. But I have learned to bring my fears to You, and trust You to deal with them in Your way and Your time. When I do that, these people and what they might do doesn’t scare me anymore. I have God with me; what can mere mortals do to me?

They’re trying, though. All day long they twist my words, trying to bend my relationships and reputation out of shape. They conspire and scheme to ruin me in any and every way. Like vultures, they watch me wherever I go, hoping to see me fall and pick me clean. Don’t let them win, Lord; let people see them for what they really are.

You, Lord, take note of what I suffer at their hands. When I call for help, You turn them around in their tracks and keep them from destroying me, re-affirming our relationship.

It’s Your word I praise; Your Word nullifies all of theirs. That’s the Word that I lift up and look to. I trust You, and fear leaves me. I have You; what can any person do to me?

I am committed to you, Lord. I offer thanks to You every day. You have delivered me from the death of hope. You have kept my feet from stumbling over the obstacles to maintaining my faith, so I can walk before You in the light of real life — life in, about, and through You.