Psalm 14 in other words —


Immoral people assure themselves You don’t exist, Lord. That gives them free rein to feed their corruption, to do whatever they want without regard for consequences. They’re sure they’re smart because they look around and see they have plenty of company among the powerful.

You look down from heaven and search out those who understand who You are, who genuinely want to know more of You. Sometimes it seems like the whole world has stopped trying to either find or follow You. Instead, they’re drawn more and more to following the trend-setters, the high rollers, the wannabes. They’ve given up on You not necessarily through a conscious decision, but by default.

Don’t these self-exalted, immoral leaders and influencers realize they’re playing with fire, and there’s no buying or bullying a way of escape? They chew people up as casually as a snack between meals. They don’t ignore You; You never even cross their minds. But a day is coming when they’ll be the ones eaten up with dread, because there are still righteous people to be found and You’re right there with them. The self-seeking trend-setters have done what damage they could, but the God-seekers have taken refuge in You. Their eternal salvation is assured.

Oh Lord, if only every person — each one created and loved and longed-for by You — if only they could really understand who You are and how You love! I pray that when You come again to restore all things, this downward trend will be gloriously reversed, and multitudes will rejoice to see Your great salvation!