Reflections on Psalm 103:

Today, I’m making it my firm intention to praise and honor God with everything that’s in me.

Today, I’m going to focus on all the benefits He has given me, instead of wasting time on the negatives Satan keeps jabbing at me.

Today I’m going to remember that God has forgiven every sin of mine when I’ve repented, and healed the infection they caused in my character; I’m going to be grateful that I can go to Him for a booster shot when I need to. He did for me what I could never have done for myself: He paid the infinite price for my sin that redeemed me from a one-way ticket to Hell. Not only that; I’m going to live with Him forever in a climate of love, sharing His passion for everything that is pure: pure truth, pure love, pure beauty, pure joy.

Today I’m going to celebrate that even in this sin-polluted world, God gives me so many of the good things I desire: the blessings of love, the immediate accessibility of His Word, the opportunities to be part of His work, the witness of answered prayer, the very presence of His Holy Spirit. When I reflect on all this, my burdened heart not only gets off the ground, but soars.

Today I’m going to take hold of the truth that, no matter how things appear to my limited human understanding, God will work all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Today I’m going to thank God that He has never hidden who He is or what He does from human eyes and ears. Over and over and over again, He has shown the depth of His compassion, how He longs to show His grace to us, how long-suffering He is in the face of our indifference and outright rebellion, the breadth of His love in spite of it all. Even when He has to rebuke us, He’s not out for vindication or revenge. His goal is always to redeem, if we will only cooperate. If He gave us what we really deserve, even after many repetitions, we would all have been lost long ago.

Today I’m going to realize and acknowledge God’s incomparable love in Jesus, whose undeserved torture and death in my place in effect hurled my sins completely out of God’s sight. No wonder I hold Him in such awe! When I give God the honor and respect He so richly deserves, I can be sure of His compassion as I try to walk in His way. Like a baby learning to toddle, I’m sometimes unsteady and often stumble, but He gives me His fingers to hold on to, and that keeps me moving forward.

Today I’m humbled by the fact that my Father knows all about me and loves me anyway. He knows I want to be in right relationship with Him: He’s the Father, I’m the child; He’s the leader, I’m the follower; He knows, I don’t. I want to have ears that hear him and a heart that obeys. My heart’s desire is that I might become less and He become greater in the landscape of my life. That life here is just a drop in the bucket, and my bucket list has just one item: I want to spend eternity with Him.

Today I’m going to rejoice that God, not Satan, is on the throne and that Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords. His kingdom is filled with powerful servants who bring about His ultimate and perfect will. Hallelujah!

Today, my soul will praise the Lord.