For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.  (Ps 48:14)


There are many things in this world we can come to worship and rely on without fully realizing it.  Like our forbears from the beginning of time, we can so easily drift into making our own “household gods” that are not only as unreliable as a dead battery, but drain our attention away from the source of real spiritual energy, wisdom and strength.

Small gods there are aplenty.  They distract us, deceive us and derail us because each is actually Satan’s handiwork.  He’ll do anything to wrench our eyes away from God and occupy our minds with things we think we want, people we envy, temptations that allure.

But THIS triune God, the Father on the throne of heaven, the Son who sustains everything by His powerful Word, the Holy Spirit who lives in us and is always available to us — THIS God is like no other person or thing that has ever been worshipped.

When I consider His nature, His Word and His revelation, I find that THIS God is always at His work, and His work is to bring His children to maturity, to seek the lost, to forge relationships characterized by love, forgiveness, compassion, discernment and grace.  THIS God is always for me, but never forces me.

When I am hemmed in by trouble, whether from within or without, THIS God will bring me into the spacious place of His love, the wideness of His mercy, the height of His guidance, the depth of His understanding.  The ghoulish grip of anxiety will be released as I linger in His embrace, secure in the arms of my Father.  The promise that He will never leave me or forsake me rekindles my assurance.

I can go forward because I go forward with Him, until that day when there will be no more tears or sighing, where love is the only known language and joy the gift that never stops giving, the atmosphere that permeates all things, all because of THIS God!