Some things I have learned, but not mastered:

  • The first step in problem-solving is to take it to God.  The second step is to refuse to take it back.
  • Stress increases my impulse to control aspects of my daily life, and that in turn increases my stress.  Releasing control to God is the most effective stress-reliever available.
  • I can most effectively surrender my life to God when I remember to surrender my day to Him.
  • Faith can’t flourish without daily nourishment and exercise.  It’s easier to absorb the nourishment than it is to do the exercising.
  • My good intentions don’t equate to God intentions.  Those only take shape when I seek Him first.
  • Trust is truth in action.  It’s possible to know the truth without acting on it, or allowing it to act on me.
  • When tensions flare and hurtful or unwise words scream to be uttered, it’s better to build a wall at the top of that cliff than a hospital at the bottom.
  • Replacing negative thoughts with God-honoring ones is the best anti-depressant.
  • Active awareness of the Holy Spirit in me makes a crucial difference in the quality of my minutes, hours and days.
  • When I fear God — that is, hold Him in the awe, wonder and reverence He deserves — I need fear nothing and no one else.

Thank You, Father, that You keep teaching me even though I don’t always get my homework done.