Last night a question came up about the wrath of God — whether we can say that God gets angry. After cautioning us against thinking that God’s wrath must bear any resemblance to human anger and hotheadedness, I said I would follow it up later. To start some thinking about this, here is a helpful video from theologian Alan Torrance, who teaches at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and about whose family I will be posting a little bit later in the week (it’s a wonderful story, I think). The first ten to twelve minutes deal with the question of the wrath of God, in an appropriately gospel-centred way.


Click on the link below to watch this video that came from Grace Communion International’s program “You’re Included,” which features a number of great interviews with fine theologians, many of whom are heirs of the Torrance family’s tradition and style of theology.

Alan Torrance: God’s Wrath, Hell, and the Role of Science