The Price

The catcalls and jeers

Ringing out in the crowd

Were hateful and cruel

Obnoxious and loud.

They hated you now;

You didn’t conform

To what they expected –

Take power by storm.

They wanted a king

With a spear and a sword;

A suffering Savior

Would bring no reward.

They looked on in triumph

As you writhed with pain,

No longer a threat to

Their position and gain.

They had what they wanted,

And soon you would die;

They had much to answer,

I thought with a sigh.

Looking up at your face

Torn and running with blood,

Your eyes locked with mine;

Then I understood.

My sin nailed you there;

My rebellion and pride.

It was me who was lost,

And I should have died.

Oh, Jesus, my Savior,

May I never forget

What it cost You to love me;

The price of my debt.

                                                         – Connie Storr