Reflections on Psalm 147

Praise God! It feels so good and so right to sing His praises. Our adulation fits Him like a glove because we were made to exalt Him.

He’s the One who constructs our lives and fortifies us. He’s the One who gathered us into His loving arms when we were far from home and lost. He’s the One who can heal our brokenness and care for our wounds.

There is no detail too small for His attention: He decided the exact number of stars and named every one of them. If that was important to Him, imagine how significant you and I are! His greatness and power are boundless; his understanding has no limit. Many things puzzle and perplex us, but nothing is a mystery to Him. We may not know what He’s doing; He always does.

It all comes down to this: God sustains those who trust in Him, who understand their need for Him, but He leaves the wicked in the dust.

So honor Him with thankfulness; let His praise be the music that lifts you and carries you through your days.

Whenever you’re tempted to fret, remember that your God put the clouds in the sky and supplies the earth with rain. He provides the grass that feeds the animals, and the food that nourishes every living thing.

It’s not how much you can do or how fast you can run that pleases God; it’s the strength of your faith, the depth of your trust that delights Him. He surrounds you with His strength, giving you the boundaries you need. When you live within His borders, you will be at peace, satisfied in your spirit because you feed on His Word. For He sends His commands to teach and guide us, and they’re always right on time. His Word covers all we need to know, like snow covers the ground. Sometimes, to get our full attention, He hurls it down so it hits us like icy pebbles. His Word can be a warning blast, or it can melt our hearts. It stirs us and flow through and from us as we walk with Him.

He has revealed His Word to us, both in writing on the page and writhing on the cross.

Praise the Lord. Praise His holy name.