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Reflections on Psalm 94:

You’re the one who avenges wrong and puts things right, God; what are You waiting for?

You’re the only one qualified to judge with absolute knowledge and fairness; so do it! Surely it must be payback time for all the arrogance that surrounds us. How much longer will the people who flaunt themselves in their indecency and greed be allowed to just party on?

They think they know it all and have it all; they brag about themselves day and night. They step on Your children, Lord; they work against Your work and everyone committed to you. They abuse the most vulnerable, taking advantage of their weakness, squeezing every last drop out of them. They sell them hope that addicts them; promises that hobble them; the means of their own self-destruction. They bilk the unwary and the desperate, and congratulate themselves on their cleverness. They’re sure You don’t either notice or care.

Wake up, you blowhards! Wise up, you fools! God is the original designer of ears — don’t you think He can hear your disdainful scheming, your gloating and greed? He’s the one who drew the blueprint for eyes — what makes you imagine He doesn’t see exactly what you’re doing? Time and again, He has disciplined whole nations — why do you fantasize that you’ll get by  unscathed? He’s the Teacher of all humankind — there is nothing He doesn’t know, including every human thought and plan, and how pathetically futile they are.

Your discipline is a blessing to Your people, Lord. The one who takes it to heart learns the vital lesson of living for You. You give them the strength to rise above life’s inevitable troubles, until the selfish and the evil dig themselves holes deep enough to bury themselves. You won’t ever turn Your back on those who belong to You forever. They won’t live in fear of the day of judgment, because their hearts are right with You.

But for now, at this moment, who is willing to stand for God against evil?

Anyone at all?


This is the direction my thoughts were travelling in, and it looked hopeless. If God hadn’t helped me, I was in enough anguish over this to just give up and die. What was the point of carrying on? I very nearly slipped into despair.

But then I did what I should have done in the first place; I talked to you about it. You lovingly reminded me that You are God, and my hope is in You. I was so full of anxiety I had left little room for Your presence, Your assurances, Your unfailing love. Opening up my thoughts to You not only consoled me, but restored my joy that You are my God and worthy of my complete trust.

You will never co-operate with corruption; You won’t turn a blind eye to those who promote misery. These people may gang up on the righteous and the innocent, but their day of reckoning is coming, and they will be the ones who are destroyed in the end.

Judgment, vengeance, justice — these belong entirely to You, Lord, as does their timing. I can count on You to do what is right, at the right time, to accomplish the countless layers of your purpose: the salvation of all who choose You. Thank You, Lord, for bringing me to this place of trust, a place of refuge from fear and discouragement and despair.

You are on Your throne, and You will have the last word.