I’m filled with gratitude for my husband for so many reasons. One of them is when a large object — say a piece of furniture — has to be lifted and carried elsewhere. Being much stronger than I am, he always takes the heavy end of the load. That’s the only thing that makes the task do-able for me.

I can call on him at any moment, confident that he’ll provide the help I need. I would be foolish in the extreme if I decided to do the lifting on my own when Kevin is within calling distance. If I tried, all I’d accomplish is failure to get where I needed to go, and strained body parts at best, injury at worst. I’ve learned enough in my life not to do that on purpose, at least.

Yet how many times have I tried to carry the whole load of worry, fear, pain or indecision when Jesus is right here with me, ready and able to take the heavy end of the load? Thankfully, most of those times are in the past, but not all. That independent streak is a stubborn one.

I’m grateful God is helping me to understand that my shoulders were never intended to carry the heavy end of life’s inevitable loads. When I harness my independence by independently choosing to depend on Him, to walk in step with Him, the heavy end of the load is lightened and the carrying possible without serious injury. Whether or not Kevin is at hand, I always have a partner who will help me with weights that make me stagger; One who understands when I need to put the weight down and just rest for a time.

What a relief to know that nothing is too heavy for Him to help me carry!