Psalm 31, in other words:


I’ve made You my safe place, Lord, and I never want to shame You by turning away.

I need You to surround me with Your protection right now. You’re my God, my go-to for everything; I need you to guide me through. Satan is setting traps for me, using other people and my own weaknesses to spring them. I can’t avoid them all without Your hand in mine. My spirit belongs to You; I never want it to slip into enemy hands.

I’m so thankful to have learned the definition of trustworthy by looking to You. I no longer waste my hope on anyone or anything else.  Your love sees my pain.  You understand my anguish.  You alone have kept me out of the enemy’s hands. He hasn’t been able to back me into a corner because you keep me standing in the limitless expanse of Your love.

I need a fresh shower of Your mercy today, Lord.  I’m all cried out. Grief has shriveled my body and spirit. I’m hunched over and barely shuffling along. People don’t know how to fix me, so they avoid me because I make them uncomfortable.

You, though, are never put off by my pain. No, my precious Lord, You are even nearer when trouble comes.  My own heart may fail me, but Your heart never does.  Bring that truth back to me like a steel rod in my spine, so I can stand straight in You and for You in the face of anything.

Oh my glorious God, if people could only get a glimpse of the good things You have ready for those who walk in awesome respect for You!  Your presence is the antidote for the schemes and accusations of mere mortals.

I praise You for showing me Your restorative love when I was besieged by pain and doubt and fear. The thought that I was cut off from Your help terrified me. I praise You because I was so wrong about that! There is no pain so sharp, no grief so deep, no threat so great that it’s beyond Your mercy to reach. You are unfailingly true to those whose hope is in You.

I can say this from my own experience: no matter what you face, take hold of His strength, take heart from His heart, and take hope because He died to seal your salvation.