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Reflections on Psalm 27:

Jesus lights my way morning, noon and night. He has saved me from the darkness of my mistakes. Who on earth would I be afraid of?

Jesus surrounds me like a fortress, making me unassailable when I’m in Him. Who can threaten me?

When people bent on evil come at me wanting to swallow me up, they’re the ones who will ultimately stumble and fall. Even if they try to surround me on every side, I won’t be afraid. They can do their worst, but they won’t be able to shake my confidence in Christ. They thought they could win by killing Him, but it turned out to be His victory — and it guarantees mine. Nothing they do can ever change that.

There’s only one thing I ask and know I need: Jesus, just let me live in your presence every day, seeking the truth by your Holy Spirit, basking in your love, gazing on the beauty of your purity. I know there will be troubled times, but I can face them all with You. You’re my shelter, my refuge from desperation, discouragement and defeat. You lift me above circumstances and set me on the rock of your faithfulness.

When I give myself into your hands, then I’m out of the reach of the trouble that encircles me. My heart sings because You will never leave me, no matter what.

Lord, sometimes I veer off on my own for a time, drifting into depending on myself more than on You. Then something happens to snap me back to the reality of how much I need You. Hear me when I call for reconnection with You, Lord. In your mercy, be patient with me — yet again — when I pray for your presence. Don’t keep me away, even though that’s what I deserve. You’ve helped me so many times. You have every right to be angry with me for being such a slow learner, but I appeal to your amazing compassion not to give up on me, my Savior and my God.

I know the extent of your love for me, which is far greater than that of my parents. They would give up on me long before You would.

I want to be like You, Jesus. Teach me how, I pray. Lead me; I can’t find my own way, because it would be my own way and not yours. I’ve been down that road too many times already, and it always leads to the wrong place. There are plenty of side roads Satan has set up. My only hope is to travel with You setting the direction and pace. You’re my GPS, My God Positioning System.

Without You, I’m at the mercy of deceptive people and things that try to lure me to enemy territory.

But I know You, Jesus. Because of that, I have confidence that I’ll continue to experience your goodness here on earth. Whatever happens, I’ll wait for your purposes to unfold. I’ll be strong in spirit and take courage in the assurance that You are in charge and your timing is perfect.