Reflections on Psalm 2

Why do faithless leaders gather to conspire and plot in their attempts to control nations and overthrow God’s rule? They hold summits on the heights of their own ambition, pool their resources and think they’re powerful enough to overcome God’s plans and purposes.

Supremely arrogant, they think they can overthrow what Christ – God’s anointed, His Messiah – has done through His death and resurrection. In their delusion, they’re convinced that faith in God is a shackle that should be broken, a chain to obsolete rules and regulations. Their only faith is in themselves.

But they’ve got it backwards: only Christ can deliver us from the chains of sin, the shackles of hell. Because they’re threatened by His death-defying power, they’ve come up with their own twisted version of reality.

So they meet on their mountains of self and sin, infinitely lower than the Lord on His heavenly throne. He laughs wryly as they shake their puny fists at Him; He scoffs at the miniscule sum of their combined clout. In His time, He will rebuke them and His wrath will terrify them. Then they’ll finally understand that the earth belongs to God; His Son is and will be its only King.

For God has already sent Jesus to accomplish His goal of saving all who will come to Him. Every nation will be His inheritance; every square inch of earth His domain. Those who choose to forsake Him will themselves be forsaken, broken by the iron rod of their own self-rule and refusal to repent.

So wake up, you who want to lead! Pay attention to God’s warning: it’s not about you, what you can get, who you can intimidate. You want to be in charge, but you’re not and never will be. So turn yourselves around and realize who God is and who you are in relation to Him. When you see how tiny you really are, you’ll tremble in your boots and be thankful for His mercy. Be a real leader – an example to everyone. Honor His Son, or you’re headed for the fire that never goes out. Don’t put it off; the end may come at any moment. When that happens, it’ll be too late for any who haven’t come to Jesus to worship in Spirit and in truth.

So come and meet Jesus on His holy mountain. This isn’t a summit of leaders, but of followers. It’s a divine meeting to which every person is invited, and the only one that counts.