Reflections on Psalm 46:

God is our refuge and strength.

No exceptions, no escape clauses, no fine print, no matter what.

We can run to His all-encompassing arms with everything, from day-to-day concerns to catastrophic events. Whatever may threaten us, we don’t have to be afraid. Even if an earthquake splits the ground beneath our feet and causes coastal mountains to fall into the sea, even if the oceans roar and froth in great frenzied waves, surging so high they make mountains shake — even then, His arms are near enough and strong enough to hold us.

When floods of turmoil surround us, there is a current where God’s peace and comfort gently swirl, a soothing stream open to all who trust in God, whose very hearts are bound up in His. In His presence, we are cupped in His hands, and nothing and no one can snatch us from His care. His Spirit is within us; what is outside can’t topple us.

Trouble may attack us in the dark, or as soon as we open our eyes and hear the first news of the day. There may be overwhelming political upheaval, wars and genocide, famines and brutality, abuses of all kinds. In spite of it all, we can go forward in the assurance that God is in control and His purposes will be accomplished.

This is who our God is, the Lord Almighty, and He is with us. He has always been and always will be our fortress against anything the world or Satan can foment.

Just look at what God has done in the past to wipe out totally degenerate nations that threatened His people. When Christ returns, He will wipe out war itself — erase it completely with one pass of His hand over the earth. All the weapons people have used against each other will be shattered and burned to ashes.

Then He will say to all the nations: “Be still. Stop plotting, striving, clawing, manipulating, fighting and killing to get ahead. Be still and know this: you are not God. I am God. You do not rule the world; you can’t even rule yourself. I am the only Ruler, and I will be exalted among every nation in all the earth. Be still; I am in charge. Be still and know that; then you will be able to be still in the peace that the knowing brings.”

This is our God, the Lord Almighty, the Lord who created all, rules over all and is above all. This God is our God, and He is with us. He is in us, and His power and purpose surrounds us like a fortress of such size and strength it can never be breached.

So be still. Quiet your inner churning, your futile thoughts. You are safe in His care.

Be still.