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Reflections on Psalm 96:

Let your heart sing a new song to the Lord today — a song fitting for a new day in His presence, as fresh as a new dawn, full of awareness of His love. Don’t let your lyrics become a ritual dutifully repeated; sing with feeling, and give Him your full attention. The earth is full of His glory, so join in!

Sing with unending gratitude for His salvation, and never let the wonder of it get old. Think about the marvels He has done down through the ages, is still doing today, and will do tomorrow. Don’t take His love for granted; it’s the greatest marvel of all.

Remember who God is, and you won’t have any trouble praising Him. Remember who God is, and you’ll put your fear in the right place. Just approaching the magnitude of His glorious might will make you pulsate with awe.

Be very careful not to minimize His awesome power and majesty, or treat your relationship with Him casually. Give Him every fragment of the glory He so richly deserves; offer your whole heart to Him as you come into His presence. Worship Him for the purity and sheer beauty of His holiness, and tremble that you are able to even glance at it. Know, and daily affirm, that God is sovereign over every earthly thing. His purpose will prevail, as will His final justice.

So sing and celebrate with all creation that God is your God, and that He is and always will be seated firmly on His throne. Rejoice that on that final day, you won’t fall into the hands of a corrupt judge; that you will enter His courtroom clothed with Jesus’ righteousness; and be declared innocent because of your enduring faith in Him.

So don’t just go through the motions of worship with a song that’s gone stale. Rejoice, refresh and renew your praise every morning. Sing with a gusto befitting your amazing, awesome, almighty God!