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Reflections on Psalm 19:

If you want firsthand evidence of God’s glory, look up! It’s right there in the skies every day, every night, as plain as an endless neon sign, it’s silence only amplifying His splendor.

The language of the skies is universal, so that every person the world over can understand the power and provision — not to mention the magnificent radiance and grandeur — of God who created them and sustains them. He placed the sun in just the right position to warm us and mark out our days, to smile on us with its life-giving beams.

If you want to participate in His glory, look in! Absorb God’s Word like a dry sponge soaked in water, and your soul will be wonderfully refreshed. Trust it and follow it; you’ll become more and more discerning. Hide it in your heart and you’ll realize the joy of living in communion with Him. Let it be the light that guides and guards you; don’t close your eyes and stumble blindly on the world’s well-worn path.

Don’t make the mistake of minimizing sin, or its judgment: hold God in reverent awe and examine your attitudes and motives to make sure they’re pure. Remember that God doesn’t change and neither do His commands. He doesn’t have to revise or update or make alterations to His Word. It was, it is and it will be right and true forever.

Every word God has given us is more precious than the world’s rarest treasure. Every syllable is sweeter tot he soul than honey to the tongue; eat all you can! God’s Word warns us of real and present dangers that can easily trip and trap us. If we pay attention and walk accordingly, we’ll be rewarded by reaching our intended destination.

But Lord, I know I’ll miss — or misunderstand — some of my mistakes. Forgive the faults I have not only hidden from others, but from myself. Make me aware of them, I pray, and help me not to repeat them.

I need your help, Father, to keep from doing the things I know I shouldn’t, but want to do anyway. I want You to be in charge, and not my appetites. I need more of You and less of everything else. Only then will I be able to come into your presence; imperfect, but innocent of deliberate sin. May I never be guilty of re-staining the flesh washed clean by the blood of Jesus.

I pray that my thoughts and my moments with You will please You, Lord, for I want to do that above all. You are my firm place to stand and the One who enables me to stand firm.

May it always be so!