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Reflections on Psalm 23:

The Lord — who is the fulness of all things– is my Shepherd. As one of His beloved flock, I have everything I need. He leads me to feed on the lush pastures of His Word, vibrant with life-giving nourishment on which to chew and ruminate.

When turbulence swirls around me, He leads me to a place of calm, where living water laps gently on the shore. I drink deeply, savoring its purity, and my whole being is refreshed as I fill up on who He is and how He loves me.

I rest easy in the knowledge that as I follow Him, I’m always on the right path. He will never lead me astray; that would be contrary to every fibre of His being. He is Love, Holiness, Truth, Righteousness, Faithfulness and Goodness — their source, their very definition.

Even when my path goes through the blackest shadow — the looming darkness of death — the evil one can’t snatch and bite at me because You are with me. Your hand on me is my constant assurance of your presence and protection. You are my comfort and my confidence.

Even when the Enemy thinks he has me surrounded, You have already prepared my victory feast; You and I will celebrate together. You, the Almighty King, have adopted me and crowned me as one of your children. You have lavished the abundance of your Spirit on me — as much as I can hold, and then some.

I know, with deep and unmovable and unchangeable assurance, that your goodness and love will walk in step with me as long as I live on this earth. After that I will spend eternity in your house, rejoicing in the glorious splendor of your holy presence.