A prayer inspired by Psalm 16:

Keep my safe, Father, from all that threatens my spiritual well-being, because I want to stay always in Your protective embrace.

When it comes right down to it, I don’t have anything if I don’t have You. My closest friends are those who share in my relationship with You, who also want to be more like You. I’m not interested in worshipping money or power or fame. I don’t want to fill my ears with profanity and four-letter words; my eyes don’t want to see violence and every kind of perversion dressed up as entertainment.

I’m only secure when I’m walking with You, Father. You show me where the boundaries are. When I stay within them, I can be assured of Your presence with me and Your peace, no matter what may be happening around me. I know that I will inherit all this and far more when I am with You in eternity. Then I will experience every pure and perfect delight, free from the pollution of this world.

I’m so grateful for Your guiding hand, Father. Even at night You’re there whispering to my heart with gentle reminders that help and comfort me.

I know I need to keep my eyes on You, Father, because only You know the path I should take. As long as You’re beside me, holding my hand, nothing can shake me for long.

Because of You, I can find joy in my heart and speak about how good You are and how thankful I am. My body can rest and feel secure even if I’m gravely ill, because I know that eternity with You is what lies ahead for me. You have given me life here, and the quiet joy I’ve found is just a glimpse of the pure pleasures that will wash over me in the waves of eternity.