Reflections on Psalm 92:


It’s so good to sing songs when we come together to worship — songs to You and about You, Lord. We start where You start — with Your love for us — and just keep going, echoing Your faithfulness at nightfall. The pure notes of the instruments that accompany our voices are a reminder of our need to become Your instruments here — Your hands, Your feet, your lips, Your heart.

I can testify that You make my heart sing, Lord. The joy bubbles up and pours out because of what You have done. You created all things and offer Your love to all. Jesus has finished the work that saves us — the greatest of all works. You have given us Your own holy Word — life-giving, light-giving, profound in scope and full of hope.

Those who ignore all this, who reject You and scoff at what You have done, don’t understand that they may flourish for the brief moment they’re here, but will inherit destruction. They may try to cast You down, but they’ll find it impossible to accomplish.

For You, Lord, are above all things for all time. Evil will perish; the enemy will know final defeat.

For now, Lord, You have increased my strength because I find my strength in You. You have anointed me with the oil of joy, because I find my joy in You. You have enabled me to see the defeat of the things that attack my spirit, to hear the voice of Your Spirit within me giving chase to Satan’s lies.

In Your presence, we bask in the light of Your Son and flourish like a palm tree in the tropics. We grow stronger and higher, reaching toward heaven like a towering cedar of Lebanon. We put down our roots in Your house, Lord; we flourish together in Your courts. No matter how old we get we are still spiritually fruitful and our faith is still fresh and vigorous, because we know our Source, our Strength, our Savior.

We celebrate You!