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Reflections on Psalm 1:

We’re blessed when we don’t go along with people who do what they want instead of what God wants, who think they get ahead by fudging their expense account, cheating on their spouse, manipulating others or inflating their own importance. They don’t stop at not honoring God: they belittle and make fun of those who do. Little do they realize they are mocking the people who alone are truly blessed.

We’re blessed when what delights us most are God’s instructions on how to live as we were meant to. We recognize the crucial importance of really understanding and applying His Word, so we don’t just skim over it and tick off another chapter read. No, we take the time to think about how each phrase inspires, instructs, convicts, corrects or comforts us. We consider carefully and honestly how each truth is being, or needs to be, applied in our own lives. We allow God’s Word to humble us, to put everything in its proper perspective. We get closer to God as we ask Him to further reveal His will for us. We absorb His strength into our weak and fragile nature, just as a tree root draws up moisture from well-watered soil, As we take in and digest more and more of Who God is and what He does, good is produced in us that nourishes others. They look at us and see real spiritual health, vibrant and unfading.

But the reckless people who reject and ridicule God just get drier and drier. What they thought was so important turned out to be worthless and blew away. Having no real substance, they can’t take a stand when judgment comes, and they’re carried off when the wind of the Spirit blows through gatherings of people who are right with God.

God watches over those who have given their hearts to Him. But the ones who live for themselves and by their own rules will also die for those very same things.