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Reflections on Psalm 62

My inner self finds rest in God —  the kind of peace that is real and not just a temporary escape through distraction, diversion, or a chemically-induced state.

No, my peace comes from the saving power of God. He is the foundation of my life, the impregnable fortress that surrounds me. Because I live with Him, I will never be shaken from that position, Life can and does assail me, but can’t knock me out of God’s hand.

So I ask, you who come against me — how long are you going to keep this up? You think I’m a wall you can lean on and I’ll fall over, a fence so rickety it can’t stand any pressure. You’re intent on toppling me from my place close to God, and the position in which He has placed me. You are delighted to lie to, and about, me. You pretend to be for me, but your real motive is to ruin me, my relationship with God and my impact for His kingdom.

But I maintain my confidence, my absolute trust in God, and my peace in the midst of it all. And He affirms that He is my Rock and my salvation. He is my fortress, and because He can never be shaken, then neither can I when I stay in His midst.

I’m so thankful that my salvation and honor depend on God and not on me. By myself, I would crumble and fail utterly, but He is my solidity and safety and success.

So I urge you, trust in God every minute of every day. Pour out your hearts to Him — every fear, every longing, everything that matters, scatters or shatters. You’ll find with Him the safest and most peaceful place you’ve ever known.

Low or high, rich or poor, vulnerable or powerful — none of it is of any consequence in the grand scheme of things. When weighed on God’s scales, these human positions are nothing. All put together, they’re just a puff of air beside God.

So don’t go after wealth or status or clout, trying by fair means of foul to extort what others have. Don’t think you can steal things like peace or hope from other people by having the possessions or positions or power they have. Peace and hope don’t come from those things. Even if you get them, don’t put your trust in them or depend on them.

One thing I’ve discovered over and over is that power and authority belong to You, God, and Your love never fails. Your reward is a confident and peaceful heart for those who find their rest in You.