Reflections on Psalm 107

Thank God out loud every day of your life for His goodness; that His love never fades or falters.

He has redeemed us from the eternal consequences of our sin, so let’s not hesitate to share our story with others – they need to hear it. We’ve been rescued from Satan’s clutches, his plot to take us to hell with him; countless others need to find the same redemption God has given us.

Some of us were wandering through life aimlessly, never able to settle down to anything. We were hungry for meaning, thirsty for a purpose, and fading away in our emptiness. When we finally cried out to God, He came into the void within us and began to fill it with His own Holy Spirit. He led us out of the spiritual wasteland to a place we could settle, in the midst of His people. He satisfied our thirst as we found our purpose in His will. He filled our hunger with His love and salvation.

Some of us were in utter despair, prisoners of our own choices because we had despised God and decided to live by our own rules. We thought living only for ourselves would be a pretty sweet gig, but all it did was leave us exhausted, with a bitter taste in our mouths. We were stumbling along, so focused on ourselves that we effectively shut everyone else out. Then we realized our need for God, and He answered our pleas. He brought us out of the total darkness of self that had blinded us. He opened our eyes to the light of His love, and broke away our chains of pride and greed and cold disdain. Let’s never stop thanking Him for that love that kept burning for us, that finally cut through the thick barriers we had built around our hearts – the bars that kept us captive in prisons of our own making.

Some of us deluded ourselves we didn’t need God, that He would spoil all our fun. So we did whatever we wanted, and it backfired in our faces. In fact, it almost killed us before we came to our senses and came clean before God. He responded by healing our dying spirits, saving us from the hell we were creating here – and the prospect of more to come in eternity. How can we ever begin to thank Him adequately?

Some of us were just going about our business, not rebelling against God, but pretty much taking Him for granted. Then out of nowhere, life got really rough, and all our smug self-confidence melted like an ice cube in July. Our circumstances heaved and rolled while we desperately tried to figure out what to do, but we couldn’t even manage to stand up straight, much less fix anything. It was only when we reached out to God that we became calm as we felt His hand on us. He brought us a peace we couldn’t understand, a deep knowledge that we were safe in His hands, no matter what. Why wouldn’t we praise Him, knowing we can depend on Him always?

The truth is that when we think we’re paddling along nicely and we can manage quite well on our own, God can remove whatever we’ve put our confidence in. When we agree to co-exist with sin, there will be consequences, sooner or later. But when we recognize our need for Him and realize our mistakes, God flows into our lives and changes us from the inside out. He brings us to the place we were meant to be, gives us work to do that bears good fruit for ourselves and others, and blesses our families of faith. As long as we look to Him, our spirits thrive, secure in His love, trusting Him whatever happens. If we slip backwards, we suffer from it.

The bottom line: Let’s use the wisdom God freely gives to those who really want it, pay attention to Who He is and what He has done for us, and never forget how much He loves us.