Reflections on Psalm 10

Lord, why do You seem so out of reach? Why can’t I see You clearly in these troubled times?

Arrogant people prey on the vulnerable, trapping them in their schemes. They boast about having whatever they crave in their greed, and only respect those who are just like them. They don’t just ignore You — their lives are an open desecration of Your commands. Every thought they have is all about them; there’s no room for anyone else, and especially not for You.

Their greed continues to flourish as they thumb their noses at all Your ways. They sneer at anyone who dares to speak against them, lashing out in foul-mouthed tirades. No word of reproof is accepted; no correction too small to unleash a barrage of mean-spirited epithets.

This kind of man assures himself that no force on earth can shake him. He feels all-powerful, able to satisfy every whim, swearing that no one will ever be able to harm him. He is his own god.

He lies constantly and is quick to threaten others; his words bring nothing but trouble. He waits for chances to elevate himself, pouncing on every opportunity to advance himself at the expense of anyone who gets in his way. He uses his position to ambush the helpless and drag them off. He crushes them with his overwhelming power — they don’t have a chance. He deludes himself that he can get away with anything, that God will take no notice of what he’s doing.

Show Yourself, Lord! Take this incredible arrogance in hand. Remember the helpless, because You’re their only defender against people like this, who wield their power like a club. Why should such people continue to revile You?

But You, God, do see exactly what’s happening — the trouble, the grief, the affliction — and You will take it in hand. The victims commit themselves to You, knowing that You are the ultimate defender of the vulnerable, the powerless, the cast-offs of nations.

You will break the hold of the wicked man who thinks he’s untouchable. He’s sure he’s covered his tracks, but You will call him to account for every single misstep.

You, Lord, are the only King, now and always. No nation, no leader, no powerful elite, will stand against You. You hear the heart-cries of the afflicted; You encourage them, and You never stop listening. You will defend every one who is oppressed, so that mere mortals, no matter their earthly position, will never terrorize them again in the kingdom of God.