Reflections on Psalm 119: 129-136

Your instructions for living fully are full of the wonder of your wisdom, and I am so grateful to have and obey them.

The thoughtful consideration of Your words is like turning on a light in a dark room; it enables me to see things as they really are and not as I imagine them when I stumble around on my own.

The more I drink in of Your truth, the thirstier I am for what only You can offer me.

I realize how much I need Your presence with me and Your mercy. I know You will never let me down because we have a relationship based on unshakable love.

I want and need You to guide every step I take, because I know how vulnerable I am to taking the way that looks easy and pleasurable but is pock-marked with quicksand.

People will often fail me unintentionally and will sometimes deliberately betray me. Help me to convert these griefs and injuries into opportunities to model the Christ-like response of non-retaliation, a willingness to forgive and to pray for those who have hurt me, whether or not they are sorry.

Be so close to me that I can bask in the radiant circle of Your tender love, while You teach me as a father opens up the wonder of life to the child on his knee.

Knowing Your love, Your mercy and Your truth first hand, it breaks my heart that so many turn their backs on You, determined to walk in the darkness of their own making.