What would it take to walk those perilous paths over the mountains to reach Jerusalem, knowing the apex of agony awaiting Him there?

What would it take to put one resolute foot in front of the other, acutely aware those same feet would be pierced through, immobilized, unable to stand.

What would it take to reach out comforting hands to Mary and Martha, realizing that He would be deprived of even His Father’s comfort while those hands screamed under His weight — the weight of the world, the horrendous pressure of all its sin?

What would it take to keep pouring out the living water of God’s truth, understanding that His own parched tongue would stick to the roof of His mouth in His extreme thirst?

What would it take to wash His disciples feet, to keep ministering in every possible way to those He knew would abandon Him when He needed them most?

What would it take to alter our collision-course with hell?

Not what —¬†Who.

It took Jesus.

It still takes Jesus.

It takes life in Him because He’s in us by His Spirit.

It takes life with Him, because without Him, we can do nothing; with Him, we can do all things.

It takes life for Him, because His purpose has become our purpose.

It takes life through Him, because He is the filter through which we see the way, the truth and the life.

Satan was intent on exterminating Jesus, obliterating redemption, annihilating hope.

Jesus was intent on destroying death, on bringing life to those who would accept His gift to them.

Jesus’ death conquered the power of sin.

His resurrection conquered the power of death.

His love conquered the power of emptiness in me.

All the questions I could ever ask are already answered in Him.

I call Him wonderful.

I call Him Savior.

I call Him Lord.