Reflections on Psalm 32:

Today, I stand blessed, because the Lord has forgiven my shortcomings, my wanderings away from His straight path, my rebellion against Him.

I’m blessed that He doesn’t count all these against me; that I’m not still deceiving myself about them, or trying to deceive Him – as if I could!

When I tried to keep it all in, not admitting it to myself or to Him, I was crumbling inside, disintegrating bit by bit. I had no energy – physical, mental or spiritual. I was bent under the weight of it all, stumbling through each day on shuffling feet, sweating and wilting under the scorching glare of my stubbornness and denial.

Then I came clean about my sin, to myself and to You. I stopped trying to cover it up, to make excuses or to minimize any part of it. I looked at it squarely in all its ugliness and saw it for what it really is – the result of pride, lust, weakness and rebellion that shackles me and sears Your loving heart, Father.  I confessed it all, every tawdry bit. You forgave me, and the load that was lifted from me was enormous. I could stand up straight again, feel new life coursing through my body, hope regaining its place in my mind, joy invading my spirit.

Now my great desire is for others to come to you and share my experience – now, today – before it’s too late, because none of us can count on being here tomorrow. I want them to be spared from drowning in the flood of consequences from unrepented sin.

Whatever happens now, I’m safely hidden in Your arms, protected for eternity, surrounded by the spiritual symphony of deliverance. For You have promised to instruct and teach me how to live for You each day, to give me Your counsel as You watch over me.

I pray that I’ll never again be like a horse bent on running away from Your hand on the reins of my life, or as stubborn as a mule when You urge me forward. They don’t understand how vital it is to be led by You; they have to be forced into doing Your will. People who persist in that kind of thinking will bring plenty of trouble on themselves and others that they wouldn’t ordinarily have. Worse, they’ll lack Your incomparable love that provides a buffer of divine comfort and unshakeable hope surrounding those who trust You and not themselves.

So let loose and celebrate, all of us who’ve made ourselves right with God! Let’s sing a glorious salvation song, all of us who now stand upright – raised up by His forgiveness, standing firm in faith, secure in His love forever.