Reflections on Psalm 119:1-24


I’m blessed when I walk in Your way, Father; when I do, no one will be able to find real blame in me.

When I live according to Your leading and seek You with all my heart, I’ll be on the right track.

You have given all of us instructions for right living, and they’re meant to be fully obeyed. I can’t pick and choose the parts I like and leave the rest; I can’t “sort of” obey – You’ve made that clear. If I want the blessings that come from being in right relationship with you, I’ll follow Your instructions with all my heart.

How I wish I could be absolutely steadfast in full obedience! Then I wouldn’t be ashamed when I think about how I’ve followed Your commands; how many times I fall short. But I praise You with a heart that wants to be right with You; as a student whose eyes are on the teacher, as one who earnestly desires to learn and to keep learning from You.

I have committed myself to obedience. Even though I have sometimes failed and doubtless will fail You again, I know from Your Word that You won’t utterly forsake me. Thank You for your patience and mercy!


How can a young person – or any person – stay on the path of purity? By living according to Your Word, Father.

I search for Your guidance and Your presence with me with all my heart; please, Father, help me not to stray from Your commands. I can’t do it in my own strength.

I have learned Your Word and Your truth and have hidden them in my heart like the treasure they are. Then when sin tempts me, I reach into the treasure I’ve stored and it shields me.

I praise You for teaching me everything that is vital to live life fully. I can talk about and share everything you’ve said because You’ve enabled me to learn it well.

I rejoice in Your Word, which is far greater than all the world’s wealth.

I think about Your instructions and consider Your ways carefully.

I delight in Your guidance; I will not neglect Your Word any more than I neglect to eat and drink what I need to sustain my life and health.


May I obey Your Word as long as there is breath in my body, Lord.

Open up my understanding; reveal the depths of the wonderful truths in Your Word and how they resonate in my life and circumstances.

I’m a stranger to the world, and I need Your constant presence to guide my steps. I feel my need of You like a ravenous hunger that never gets enough of You.

There are people arrogant enough to think they don’t need You and who have no use for Your commands. They treat me with scorn and contempt because I follow You; rebuke them, Lord.

Even though people in authority get together to slander and accuse me, I’ll keep my thoughts focused on you. Your Word is truth, and that’s what I choose to delight in and think about, and where I take my comfort and counsel.