Reflections on Psalm 119: 97-136

How I love being immersed in Your Word, Father! It refreshes and revives my spirit like swimming in cool water on the hottest summer day, and I keep dipping into it all day long. It’s with me no matter what I’m doing, because it applies to everything. It makes me wiser than those who try to trip me up, who believe in themselves instead of in You.

It gives me more insight than any human teacher, so I meditate on it. It gives me more understanding than the oldest and most experienced people I know, so I obey it and keep away from what leads to evil.

Having You as my teacher is like eating honey – sweet and nourishing and soul-satisfying. You’ve taught me to understand right and wrong, to embrace right and reject wrong. Your Word shows me where I should go; it lights up the right path in a dark world.

I’ve made a decision and committed to it: I will follow You and do what is right. It’s a commitment that takes guts, and the world has made me suffer for it. Preserve the life I’ve chosen and enable me to keep my commitment, according to what Your Word has promised.

I willingly praise You and pray that my words are acceptable and please You who are so deserving.

Though every day is a challenge to my faith and witness, I won’t forget what You’ve taught me. Continue to teach me, Father. People have tried to trap me into betraying You and doing what’s wrong, but I haven’t strayed because You’ve helped me.

Your Word is my inheritance and brings me joy in my inmost being. My heart is set of keeping it until my last breath.

I have no time for double-minded people, who try to keep one foot in the world and one under Your protection. They want to have it all – the deceptive “pleasures” of sin without any consequences, and Your favor and provision besides. Wishful thinking! You give life that is honest, straightforward and real, so I love what You love. Only in You am I kept safe and given genuine hope.

So don’t try to include me in your plans, you who compromise God’s commands. I won’t be hanging around with you; I want nothing to do with your influence. Father, only You can sustain me in the face of all this compromise. I just want to live for You – don’t let my hopes be dashed!

You will hold me up and deliver me from the corruption around me because I’ll always look to Your Word. Those who reject You will end up rejected; they delude themselves that You will never call them to account, but they’ll end up on the scrap heap. They think You’re too soft to judge them, that You don’t really mean it when you’ve warned them to stop sinning or take the consequences, but I know Your justice will be carried out. I tremble when I think of it.

I’ve done what is right and just as far as I understand it; don’t leave me at the mercy of sinners. I pray for Your protection in the face of arrogant people who demand their way and not Yours.

It seems like it will be so long before I’m free of all this, till I’ll be with You forever. But I know You’ll keep loving and teaching me as I serve You. Give me discernment so I can understand more and more of Your Word.

I’m grieved by the sin I see everywhere, Lord. Isn’t it time for You to intervene? I love Your Word so much and realize its infinite value. I hate what I see happening because people insist on making wrong choices. Oh, Lord, my eyes stream with tears when I see how the world rejects You.

If they would only turn to Your Word and experience its wisdom and wonder. As I read it my mind is filled with light. I’m just an ordinary person, yet I gain understanding that’s far from ordinary. It’s so amazing to me that I run to it as fast as I can as much as I can, panting in my thirst for more. There I find written Your mercy and Your steadfast love; write them on my heart, Lord.

I know how much I need Your direction in every step I take, how I need Your help to withstand the sin that wants to take over. Deliver me from the people who keep pressuring me to stray; I want to obey only You. Keep shining Your light on me and teaching me through everything that life brings.