Reflections on Psalm 119:73-96

Your own hands marvellously formed and made me, Father. You created me to be in relationship with You. Help me to understand what that really means, and learn how to do it. May everyone who holds You in awesome respect be glad when they see how I live, putting my hope fully in You as Your Word has revealed You to be.

I know, Lord, that all the instructions You give me are right, and put me on the right road. When I’ve taken the wrong way, you’ve allowed the consequences to afflict me – a red flag that I need to turn around. You’re always faithful, even when I haven’t been.

Knowing that Your love never fails, even when I fail You, is a great comfort to me. You’ve promised this to me, Your servant. Because of Your compassion, I really live instead of merely existing, because I’ve discovered true joy in Your Word.

Even when arrogant people treat me badly for no reason, I respond by thinking about Your Word, turning it over in my mind as I try to fathom the depth of Your love for me. I pray that I’ll be joined with other believers in fellowship and support. May I follow You with my whole heart, and never bring shame to Your cause.

I’m so weak. All I long for is to live with You forever, but I know You’ll save me because Your Word is true. Even so, it seems as if it will be too long until I see You face to face. It’s hard to be patient waiting for the comfort I’ll have then. I feel shrivelled up and smudged by the soot of this sinful world, but I don’t forget Your laws for living.

How long must I endure this, Father? It already feels like an eternity. When will those who persecute me for my faith have to answer to You? They keep trying to trap me into sinning like they do. They have no reason to hurt me, but they keep doing it. They almost killed me, but I clung to You and Your truth. Only Your unfailing love has keep me going. Sustain me still, Father, so I can keep on serving You according to Your Word.

Society’s opinions come and go, but Your Word is eternal. It doesn’t shift with time or circumstances; it isn’t fluid to be poured into man-made moulds and reshaped to suit our own ideas. It stands firm, unshakeable, true and reliable for all time.

Your faithfulness has never wavered and never will. You established this earth and because of You, it still endures. So do the laws of right and wrong, truth and lies, good and evil. You are sovereign over all things, and able to make all things serve Your ultimate purposes.

If I hadn’t held on to these truths as the precious gifts they are, I wouldn’t survive the troubles that afflict me. I cherish Your truth because it gives me life. I belong to You; I look for Your hand in all things. Satan is bent on destroying my faith and ultimately my salvation, but I will foil him by filling my mind and heart with Your Word.

I know I can’t follow You as perfectly as I want to; I’m limited by my humanity. But the perfection of Your Word isn’t bound by any such constraints. In it, I begin to see that Your love and Your wisdom and Your truth have unlimited power to guide and empower and change even me.