Reflections on Psalm 119: 49-72

I’ll always serve You, Lord, because You’ve given me the kind of hope that doesn’t evaporate with every wind of adversity. I’m suffering, but Your promises comfort me and keep me going.

People who think they are – and have – everything are making fun of me unmercifully, but they can’t make me turn my back on You, as they have. Those who reject You and have no regard for others make me indignant.

I focus on the fact that You are sovereign from beginning to end, that Your truth never changes, and Your love for me endures forever. Wherever I am, You are the theme, the centre, the reason for my being. When I wake in the night, I think about You and how I can serve and honor You.

I’ve learned to obey by obeying – that’s what works for me. I obey because You’re everything I have, Lord. With my whole heart I’ve sought a personal relationship with You, and You’ve promised Your grace to me.

I have thought about my ways, the things You’re showing me need to change or improve. I’ve repented and turned things around so I walk according to Your will and not my own. I won’t hesitate or procrastinate or waffle about what You’ve commanded. Even if people who hate You tie me up in knots with their schemes and do their best to frustrate my every move, I won’t lose sight of my goal to please You you by doing what is right.

I will love and support all who worship and serve You, following Your lead. Your love fills the whole world, Father; teach me how to love like You so I can live my life on earth as Jesus did. I serve You in the knowledge that Your Word assures me of Your unending love for even me.

I want to learn to know more of You and to develop better judgment as I trust in You. Before I was afflicted I went on my own merry way, thinking I could run my life to please myself instead of pleasing You. What You taught me through adversity is that You are goodness itself. What You do is good and ultimately for good. Learning from and obeying You is my goal now.

Arrogant people have tried to smear me by twisting my words and telling outright lies, but I still follow You wholeheartedly. Their hearts are so callused they no longer feel anything for You or others, but my heart is filled with delight as I think about You.

As I look back, I realize it was good and even necessary for me to be afflicted, although I surely didn’t think so at the time. Otherwise, I might never have found You and learned what real living is.

Now Your words are worth more to me than all the wealth I could imagine. Every silver syllable and golden phrase is part of the shining treasure You offer me each new day.