Reflections on Psalm 119: 25-48

I’ve really hit bottom, Father. I feel like my mouth is full of dust and ashes; I’m dried up and burnt out. Only Your Word can keep me going.

I talked to You about everything that’s been done to me, and You answered me. Please keep on teaching me what I need to learn from all this, so I can move on and maybe even encourage someone else. Help me understand where I fall short, and how I can move forward, especially in light of this situation that threatens to cripple me. Bring back to my mind all the wonderful things You’ve already done in my life. I want to take them out, one by one, and savor them until they energize my spirit again.

You know how helpless and hopeless I’m feeling. I’m overwhelmed with sorrow. Manifest Your strength into me, Father, because I have none of my own. Pour Your Word into me until it washes away the dust of despair and buoys me up so that I can stand again.

Don’t allow Satan to deceive me that my situation is hopeless or helpless, or that You’ve abandoned me. Don’t let me deceive myself and fall into the trap of self-pity, or try to manipulate others. May Your unfailing grace to me inspire me to extend grace to others.

I have chosen to be faithful to You; I’ve set my heart on following You. I hold on to Your Word for dear life, Father; please don’t let me be put to shame by shaming You.

Thank You, Father, that You haven’t left me lying in the dust. You’ve not only raised me to my feet again, but You enable me to run in the path You’ve carved out for me. You’ve broadened my understanding, lifting me so I can see far beyond the narrow corridors of my situation to catch a glimpse of the wideness of Your mercy and love.

Teach me, Lord, how to keep walking in the path You have established, so I can follow it to the very end, which is eternal life with You.

Enhance my understanding of the endless benefits of staying on the path that leads straight to You, so that I’ll keep going when the going gets hardest, still obeying You with all my heart. I need Your direction in all things, Father; I know Your instructions will end in rejoicing.

I want to turn to You in repentance whenever I’ve been lured away by the illusion of some personal advantage. Putting myself first only ends in pain; keep my heart firmly in Your hands, Father. Those things I thought I wanted were worthless, and threatened to make me worthless too. If I’d continued to go after them, I’d have ended up just like them: empty. Only in and through You can I live in a way that has worth and meaning.

Fulfill Your promise of a life that is real, with real purpose, real satisfaction, real beauty, because it reflects You to others. That’s when people will see Your reality and look to You with awesome respect.

Take away my fear of disgracing You, Father. Teach me to fear You and not failure, for You are able to make me stand firm and redeem all my failures. How I long for Your way to be my way every day in everything. May Your righteousness protect and keep me every step that I take.

Make me fully alive to Your unfailing love, Lord, and the amazing promise of Your salvation. Then I can answer anyone who taunts me because of my faith, because I trust in Your Word. I commit myself to speaking its truth, for every hope I have is lodged in You. I commit myself to obedience as long as I live, and on through a glorious eternity spent with You.

I will live in the kind of freedom that only comes from eagerly seeking and following You. I will boldly speak Your truth even to kings and not be ashamed, because I love You and delight in the privilege of following You.

I reach out and take hold of Your Word. I am filled with inexpressible joy as I meditate on what You have so wonderfully provided.