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Reflections on Psalm 4:

Talk to me when I call to You, Lord, because You have the right answers. O Lord, I’m in such distress and no one can relieve it. I need Your mercy. Hear me; hear my pain and confusion, my need for Your direction, Your strength, Your vision, Your assurance.

O Lord, the light You have shone on me and in me is my only glory, but some around me have despised it as shameful. I’ve tried to honor You, but they much prefer to delude themselves and look for their own answers. They’re convinced they can make what is false true because they want it to be.

But I stand on what is unchanging truth: Your Word and my personal experience of You. I know You’ve set me apart for Yourself. That’s what faith in You does — sets us apart from those whose only faith is in themselves, or the things or people they’ve come to worship. Because You know me personally, You hear me when I call. They may laugh, but You listen.

I’ve spoken to them, Lord, about their blase attitude toward You. I’ve warned them they should be quaking in their boots for their casual approach to sin, sloughing it off as if it doesn’t matter, justifying it or denying it altogether. I’ve encouraged them to search their hearts in the quiet of the night and really listen for Your voice. I’ve urged them to make the sacrifices that will make them right with You; to offer up their stubborn pride, their need for control, their lust for things, gratification, power. I’ve counselled them to put their trust in the only place it belongs  — in You, and You alone.

Many of them are only focused on who will give them prosperity. They have no idea what real prosperity is! They don’t realize we can only prosper when we have the light of Your face shining on us, when we seek it, bask in it, and allow it to change who we are. It alone can warm our hearts, uncover all that the world’s darkness wants to keep hidden from us, and light our way. When we’re in your light, Your Son-light, we have the abundance of real nourishment and the promise of new life. How it would fill my heart with joy to see everyone choose that kind of prosperity!

Now that I’ve talked this over with You, Lord, I find I can leave my distress with You. I don’t have to carry it anymore. Because my trust is in You, I’ll be able to lie down and sleep peacefully tonight, knowing I’m safe and secure in Your hands.