GSCC Outreach and Missions Committee Mission Statement

“To coordinate, support and promote the outreach activities of Gentle Shepherd Community Church at a local, national and international level. Outreach activites may support spirtual, emotional, physical or social needs of the community.”



During these days of uncertainty, we must always remember that God is with us and He is always on our side.  The need to help God’s people does not slow down.  In fact, the need can be even greater.  Although we are not physically in church every week, we can and should still support  the Greener Village Food Bank.  Monetary donations can be made directly to Greener Village or through Gentle Shepherd, using your weekly offering envelope.   We anticipate that this will be the preferred way of donating for the foreseeable future, even after we can once again meet in person.

The Community Kitchen is beginning to open up to volunteers, with significant changes in policy and procedures, hours and number of volunteers required.   Their Student Hunger Program has greatly expanded to provide food to students and their families affected by the Covid 19 crisis.  Monetary donations are needed.

Although the pandemic has not hit Haiti and Zambia as hard as many other areas of the world, food security is a big concern.  Our sponsorship of Donalson and Deliya continues.  Your assistance is always appreciated.  As well, you can make additional contributions through World Vision for Donalson or Chikumbuso Christian School for Deliya. For information on an interested fundraising initiative by some ladies at Chikumbuso, refer the following:

The Horton family is doing well in Cambridge.  Tyler is completing his Year One Review and has had some success with obtaining tuition grants for the next term, all amidst homeschooling the kids during this pandemic!

The Bevans’ family continues to work with the foreign students remaining in Fredericton because of Covid. Their hope was they could return to Montana for a few months during the summer.  We pray that this can happen for them. 

We pray for all who are feeling the effects of Covid 19, that all may feel the presence of our Holy Father in this time of uncertainty and as we adjust to our “new normal.”

Yours in Christ,

Your Mission and Outreach Team