Reflections on Psalm 143

Father, I’m praying because You are faithful and righteous and merciful. I know I can count on You to bring me comfort in my troubles.

I’m trying to serve you, but I keep making mistakes and falling far short of what I want to be. You’d be justified in bringing judgment on me if that were your goal, but your purpose is my redemption, not my annihilation.

Satan keeps chasing me, knocking me down and piling on the accusations until I feel crushed under the weight of it all. He keeps handing me picks and shovels and urging me to dig myself into a pit of discouragement and depression that squeezes the life out of me.

I feel like my spirit has shrivelled up and my heart is drowning in dismay.

When it’s too painful and overwhelming to look at what’s happening now, I remind myself of all the things You’ve been to me and done for me in the past – how powerful, faithful, and most of all how loving You have always been. I hang on to that for dear life, and I long for that assurance of Your presence that I know will strengthen me for whatever lies ahead.

I have such a need for You, Father, that I feel like I can’t go on without my hand firmly in Yours. I’m lying here, sleepless again, but I am resolved to turn everything over to You. I’ll get up in the morning and be able to face the day because I can trust in You, no matter what. My life is in your hands; forgive me for trying to take it into my own, follow my own way, work out my own solutions.

All that does is make me spin my wheels. Now I’m going to surround myself with you as my armor, so Satan won’t have a clear shot at me.

Teach me, Father, and help me to understand that Your will is always my best option. You’re always on the level, and you’re the only One who can keep me there.

May Your mercy and protection in my life testify to others of Your greatness and love. May your work in my life – and my response to it – silence the critics of my faith in You, and destroy Satan’s attempts to dislodge me. Above all, I want to serve and honor you.