Reflections on Psalm 84:5-7, 11-12; Psalm 126: 4-6; Isaiah 53:2 –

I’m blessed because I find my strength in You; I have none of my own. So my focus is squarely on my journey with You with the goal of becoming more and more like You.

When my journey takes me through dry places where all I want to do is weep, You use my tears to water it and make it fruitful for me as I learn from and trust in You. Then You send your rains and cover the places that were dry with pools of blessing. Wherever You reign, blessing always follows.

These dry places are valleys that I pass through; I don’t have to live there. But every time I go through one, it makes me stronger because it teaches me to lean more and more on You. I know that one day there will be no more tearful valleys, but only the glory of eternal life with You.

For You, Lord, are my light and protection; You give me favor I don’t deserve, and You honor my commitment to You. You will give me every good spiritual gift when I walk in step with You.

Thank You, Lord, that when I go out weeping, carrying Your seed to sow, I will come back from the fields with songs of joy, carrying a bounty for your kingdom. You bring a harvest when I carry Your seed to dry places, from my own dry places. Staying faithful in hard circumstances will produce fruit that will last.

For I know that Jesus Himself grew up before You like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. Desert conditions never interfere with Your plans and purposes. You led John to the desert to call Your people to repentance and prepare the way for new life in Christ. You sent Your Son to the desert to prepare Him for the tests He would face. In the same way, dryness leads me to refocus and repent, and tests me in ways that keep me seeking You.

Father, keep my heart always set on pilgrimage.