My Personal Prayer

My Father, who is in heaven, 

I am in utter awe of Your holiness.

May Your kingdom come,

Your will be done

in my heart and in my life.

Please give me what I need for today and

deliver me from the trap of wanting more —

except for more of You.

Forgive me when I run ahead or fall short of Your will for me;

help me to forgive others from my heart,

and keep in step with You.

Lead me back to You when I am tempted;

deliver me from the ever-present snares of Satan.

Only you have the power to show me what abundance really looks like,

where peace is found, what resting in You can accomplish.

 Make me Your partner in fulfilling all You have created me to be.

I love you, precious Father;

You are the heartbeat of my life.

I honor and glorify You

for ever and ever.