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Reflections on Psalm 8:

Lord, our Lord, who has claimed us for your own, the One to whom we belong! Your majesty towers over and reaches into all the earth. You have established your glory in the heavens, and nothing will ever shake it.

Through the praise of those who are Your children — even the new babies just getting to know You — You have created a strong fortress against all who reject Your commands, who oppose all You are and all You do. Within these walls, your children’s praise and grateful dependence on You drowns out Satan’s lies and the vengfulness of those bent on evil.

Lord, when I stretch my mind to try to take in the vast array of this universe You made, the immense distances, the brilliance and sheer beauty of it all, it’s amazing You would even give a thought to human-kind, let alone care so deeply about us.

Insignificant as we are, You created us just one rung down from the angels who serve You in heaven. You gave us the singular honor of bearing Your image, crowning us with some of Your own glory.

You set us over all You created here, putting us in charge of looking after it: every animal, bird and marine creature was placed in our care and provided for our benefit.

Lord, our wonderful, bountiful, gracious Lord, how the earth reverberates and resounds with your majesty, your sovereignty, your righteous splendor!