Reflections on Psalm 17

Please listen, Lord. I’m not asking anything frivolous or wrong. I’m not trying to cover anything up or gild any lilies. I’m putting myself in Your hands, and I know You’ll see what’s right. Your vindication is all I need.

Search every corner of my heart; test me in every way. You know it’s not my way to scheme and lie. Others have tried to bribe me, but I refused to go along with them because of the way You’ve taught me to live. My goal has been to keep walking in Your way, always on the lookout for pitfalls. Your guidance has kept me from stumbling.

I’m telling You this, Lord, because You’re always there to listen, and Your answer will come in Your way and Your time. Give me a fresh outpouring of Your love for me: I really need to feel Your arms around me right now. That’s what keeps me going — being able to run to Your embrace at any and every minute. It’s there that I know I’m safe from all human enemies, protected as zealously as an eye, sheltered as tenderly as a chick under its mother’s wing.

I’m filling my mind with these thoughts as my enemies stalk me, waiting to pounce. Please, Lord, strike them with the sword of Your Spirit — Your own precious Word. They grab everything they can get and live for today — let them gorge themselves on the fruit of their unholy greed until they groan in agony, along with their grasping children.

Whatever happens here, Father, I will be finally vindicated and will see You face to face. The first and only thing I want to see when I open the eyes that death has closed is Your likeness in Christ. And by Your grace, may I reflect that likeness — the likeness You created me to share.