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Reflections on Psalm 144:

Thank You, Father, that You alone are my unchanging foundation, the solid reality on which I can stand without fear of You shifting beneath my feet. You train me how to do daily battle against Satan and all his influences — the one who wages war against your people 24/7.

But You, Loving Lord, are my place of refuge and strength. In You, I am delivered from fear, shielded from the affects of Satan’s lies and the people he has incited against me.

Father, it never ceases to amaze me that You do so much for fallible beings like me. Compared with You, we’re just puffs of air, shadows that flicker and die.

When I look at the state of this world You gave us to look after, how we’ve corrupted and despoiled it, it makes me want You to come down in Your awesome power and lift up me out of it; out of the floods of deceit sent to destroy the hope of those who don’t know You; the lies sent to validate those who don’t want to know You. Their goal is to slash at Your truth, to kill the weak and unwary with distortions and delusions, to cut down our sons and daughters with daily doses of evil and violence and rebellion.

Deliver us, Lord, by Your Word and by the sword of Your Holy Spirit. As we learn Your truth and decide to live by it, our children will grow and gain strength in Your love and beauty and peace. They’ll be filled with You instead of what Satan has devised to seduce them.

With You at the centre, we have everything we need for an abundant life. Our work will profit Your kingdom. It will make a difference not in our bank accounts, but in our account with You. You will make us able to carry on when our load gets heavy. Satan won’t be able to break through the spiritual protection You provide. We won’t be captivated by the lure of worldly wealth, the sham of success, or the provocative pleasures sent to ensnare and topple us.

Our blessing comes from knowing You and making You Lord of our lives — our whole lives. Keep us standing on the Rock of our salvation, and living our lives in grateful praise.