A reflection on Psalm 112:

Praise the Lord. That’s the beginning: an attitude of praise to the God who made me, who cares for and about me – who loves me so much He sent His Son to die so that I could choose to live with Him forever.

I thank God that those who give Him the awesome respect He deserves, and who delight to learn how He would have them live, are blessed beyond measure. Their children will be strong when they are strong in the Lord, and He will enable them to make an impact for good. They will be blessed as they follow in their parents’ spiritual footsteps.

Those who come to love God will have ready access to the wealth of His wisdom, and be rich in all the ways that have eternal significance.

In the darkest of situations, they will have the light of God’s presence with them. They yearn to emulate the grace, compassion, and righteousness of God.

Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely and who conduct their lives with justice and fairness – goodness of character, of example and of witness to the power of God in their lives.

Their faith will be unshakable, and because of it they will always be remembered.

They will have no fear of the bad news that inevitably comes into every life in one form or another. Because their trust in God is absolute, they can stand firm even in the worst of times, knowing that God will work all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Because of this, their hearts are secure, guarded from the fears afflicting those who only know how to rely on themselves. They know that in the end, God will show them the defeat of their enemies, and they will live in victory with Him forever.

These faithful ones have freely given their spiritual gifts for the benefit of those in need. They have helped others to be right with God, and so their legacy endures in eternal life for others. The dignity of a life lived in and for Christ will be recognized and honored.

Those who have chosen to rebel against God will see these righteous lives with their spiritual legacy, and it will make them bitter. They will grind their teeth in angry envy as the wasteland of their own lives and character is sharply revealed by the contrast. All their longings for the honor, power and financial gain they thought would bring them glory will come to nothing.

Father, thank You that You graciously give us everything that truly matters. May we use it to bring others to You, under the leading of Your own Holy Spirit.