Another thought on how to learn to slow our lives down and rest in the Lord:

Part of our resistance to resting is that we think we are indispensable to whatever is going on in the world. If we stop for even a moment, we think, everything will fall apart.

I know I struggle with this sometimes, with a strange need to take care of things for other people… Just the other day I was giving the Szakacs family drives back from our house to their motorhome (which was parked at our church), and before I took the first load of people, I asked if they had the keys with them. Now, remember, I was driving an adult and her children back to what is basically their house for this month. Why did I feel that I needed to make sure she didn’t forget the keys to her “house”?

Because, of course, the world won’t go on if I’m not on the lookout!

You might be tempted to laugh, but isn’t it true that a lot of us share this struggle with letting go? This is the reason we can’t get to sleep when we’re stressed: we somehow don’t believe that we can go “off the job” for even a moment.

But sleep itself is a daily reminder of what rest and Sabbath are really all about. I learned from another teacher to pray this prayer when I go to sleep at night (I don’t pray this every night, but I have on many occasions): “Lord, take care of your world. Help me to know that I can sleep and leave the world to you, that you can handle its problems without my assistance.”

Taking a day each week to rest, to live into God’s joy and the wonders of the new creation now, is basically the same thing. God cares about the world more than we do. He can handle it without our assistance for one day.