Reflections on Psalm 18: 1-3, 16-17, 28-29, 32-34, 49 —

I love You, Lord, because You give me the strength to love You, others, and even myself.

You are my stability, my foundation, my security and my Savior. In You, I can take refuge from a world where nothing is sure or safe, because You have shown me that I can trust in You completely.

For I called to You when the enemy was hard on my heels, spitting out lies and hurling knives at my vulnerable places, and You shielded me and saved me.

When I was mired in the muck of depression and drowning in despair, You reached down from on high and pulled me out. You placed my feet on the rock that is Jesus, and anchored me there.

You rescued me from my powerful enemy and his minions, who are too strong for me but no match for You.

You, Lord, are the One who keeps my lamp burning, who provides me with warmth and light though the cold darkness surrounds me. When I found myself in the black pit of suffering and grief, You used them to teach me and strengthen me, so that the darkness became light not only to me, but to those for whom I am a witness.

With Your help, I can overcome obstacles both great and small. I can face Satan’s forces, scaling the highest wall the enemy throws up in his plan to defeat me.

My own strength is small and my weapons only marginally effective, but You arm me with Your Word and Your presence. There is no greater security, no more effective battle plan.

You enable me to climb the most perilous heights as sure-footed as a Rocky Mountain mule deer. As I go higher and higher with You, You infuse me with Your own Holy Spirit so that I can stand on the heights without losing my breath or my footing.

As I walk and talk with You, watching and learning, You train me to do battle for You and against Satan. You give me the spiritual strength to minister even to those whose self-will is like iron; as I walk in Your will and follow Your lead, You enable me to bend a bow made of bronze.

Therefore I will praise You, Lord, everywhere I go, to everyone I meet, with everything I am.