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Reflections on Psalm 63

O God, how I need You!

In this desert, my thirst for You is all-consuming. There’s nothing here that can satisfy it. Others try drinking what tastes sweet, but soon leaves them enervated. Some try drinking the promise of an immediate energy boost to prop them up, but find they need more and more to accomplish less and less. Others try to drink in a temporary sense of well-being that leads to headaches and heartaches. But it’s a thirst for You and drinking deeply of Your Word and Your presence that leaves me refreshed, rejuvenated, restored, and revitalized.

In the sanctuary of my moments with You, I’ve experienced Your power and glory for myself. Because of this, I hold Your love above everything else I have — even my life. I want to use that life to bring glory and honor to You, to lift up Your name.

As I take in Your Word and digest it, I find it more satisfying that the most delectable food. Your love makes my heart sing with the kind of surging joy that comes from first love. I can’t help talking about You, singing Your praises with shining eyes and soaring heart.

As I lie in bed, I think of You as I fall asleep; You’re on my mind as I wake up through the night. You’re my help in trouble, my comfort in sorrow. You cover me with Your wings like a hen with her chicks; I know I’m safe with You. I hang on to You for dear life. I can feel the strength of Your hand holding me up.

Satan wants to destroy my trust in You, our relationship of love. But he is defeated and is himself destined for destruction.

So I will rejoice in You, and glory in my salvation, because on the Day of the Lord — the day of Your return in the final victory over sin and death — Satan’s lies will crumble to dust and never again be heard.