Reflections on Psalm 146

I praise the Lord with my whole being, with everything that’s in me.

I’ll keep praising Him every day of my life. He’s my heart-song, my hope-song, a precious melody in a discordant world.

Don’t put your trust in political leaders or any other human being. They can’t even deliver on their self-serving promises, let alone save anyone. When they die, their grandiose plans die with them, both destined to crumble to dust.

Unlike them, our hope isn’t based on strategy or power plays or wishful thinking. No, our hope comes from God, who has defeated death, whose purposes are always pure and stand forever.

Don’t forget, God made it all – the sky over our heads, the ground under our feet, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink. He created it all, and He’s the one who sustains it. He’s the hub of the wheel that turns the universe. He created it for us and He keeps it going for our benefit, in spite of the ways we keep throwing wrenches into the spokes.

It’s not just material support He gives us. God hates the way people keep oppressing each other; He’s always on the side of fairness and compassion. In countless ways, emotional, spiritual, physical, He reaches out His hand to support the oppressed who look to Him, helping them to take another step, eat another bite, renew the spark of hope for another day.

The Lord unlocks the bars on the doors of despair, bringing out its prisoners into the light of His love and a hope they can count on. He gives new vision to eyes clouded by repeated disappointments and cynicism, helping them see the truth of who He really is, and a glimpse of who they are in His eyes. He lifts up the ones who have stumbled over the obstacles Satan has thrown in their way, and sets them on their feet again. He does it because He cherishes every single person who wants to be in right relationship with Him.

The Lord is always concerned about the most vulnerable. He keeps a watchful eye over foreigners who are targets of intolerance and abuse because of where they were born. He provides for orphans and widows who are friendless. The unscrupulous think they can run roughshod over such people, but God frustrates their ill-conceived plans, making them sputter with rage.

Human leaders may think they’re in charge, but it’s God who reigns supreme. Leaders come and go, mere blips on the eternal radar, but God reigns forever. And incredibly, we who love and hope in Him will be right there with him.

Praise the Lord!