Reflections of Psalm 111

I will praise God whole-heartedly, nothing held back for fear of what others may think of me. I will give God the glory and honor He so richly deserves, no matter what. Those who know and honor Him will praise with me, and I won’t worry about the opinion of anyone else. I will only pray that my witness will cause them to seek God for themselves.

God’s works are so wonderful and far-reaching, it’s hard to wrap my mind aroundĀ even the smallestĀ of them. It’s a delight to think about them; every aspect is a fresh wonder.

What God has done and is doing towers far above any human works; they are a speck of dust by comparison. We may have flashes of righteousness, but God’s righteousness shines forever and will never diminish. He helps us remember what He has done when we most need encouragement. In His compassion for us He has given us His Word so that we can continually experience His grace. He satisfies our hunger for Him when we earnestly seek Him, and His promises never fail.

God has powerfully demonstrated His love for us in what He has done in our behalf, allowing us to stand on the solid ground of faith in Him, to live among His people, to gain ground for His kingdom. What He does is faithful to His purpose of salvation; His justice will prevail. Every instruction He gives can be trusted absolutely. They aren’t passing pieces of advice: they are rock-solid truth that will withstand every tide of shifting opinion and changing cultural norms. Human ideas will come and go; at their best they will never save anyone. It’s God who provides redemption when we commit ourselves to Him, and His commitment to us will never ebb and flow. It will stand secure and unmovable forever. Praise His holy and awesome name!

Learning to see God as He is and holding Him in the awe he deserves is the foundation for living wisely. Only what we build on Him will stand. Those who follow His instructions understand their need to continually consult His blueprint. No wonder they praise Him every day!