Reflections on Psalm 84:

Lord, the place where You are is lovely in every way; with all my being, I want to make my home with you. More than anything, I want to live in Your presence, where the air itself is sweetened with worship and praise, and share with others who yearn for You.

What a gift it is to understand that real strength comes from you, and in that strength we can make our journey in confidence. When we come to the hard and dry places, the places of suffering and loss, our dependence on You grows. Even as our tears fall, they water our faith, causing it to grow too. Every trial increases our strength as we walk with You. What Satan hoped would tear us down You use to build us up, and our trust gets stronger and deeper.

I declare this to You, Lord, who hears my prayers, who saves me and graces me with Your presence:

I would choose a single day with You over ten lifetimes without You. I would rather live on Your doorstep than in the most luxurious palace without You.

For You are the light and warmth and vitality of my being. There is nothing worthwhile outside Your presence and provision; nothing to be gained and everything to be lost by walking away from You.

O Lord, how endlessly favored I am when I trust in You.