Set up road signs; put up guideposts. Take note of the highway, the road that you take.” – Jeremiah 31:21(a)

The prophet Jeremiah points out the need to establish which signs and guideposts we will follow in our walk with God. Simply following the signs others have established won’t necessarily keep us on the right road.

Some of the signs that can alert me that I’m on the wrong road are:

  • What takes my attention – what are my major focal points? How much am I concerned about appearances – how I appear to others, how my children appear, my possessions? If my primary focus is on outward appearances instead of inward substance, I’m on the road to superficiality.
  • My relationships are suffering.
  • I’m too busy or distracted to spend much – or any – time with God. His Word doesn’t engage me enough to understand it.
  • I only pray when I’m worried.
  • I find a lot to criticize in those around me. A lot of people irritate and upset me, and just when I start to get past it, they upset me again.
  • I’d rather spend time alone; I don’t feel like talking to anyone.
  • I keep busy all the time. I feel agitated when I’m not actively occupied.
  • I’m always trying to help people, but they end up either taking advantage of me or letting me down.

Signs that I’m on the High Way include:

  • My primary focus is on God, His will and His purposes. All other considerations flow out from this centre, like the petals on a flower. I have a desire for deep and enduring spiritual growth.
  • My relationships are authentic and not based solely on my needs and the expectations of others.
  • I eagerly spend time with God in His Word and in prayer. His Word speaks to me directly and shapes my thoughts and actions.
  • I have compassion for those around me and pray for them when they are distressed or critical or headed down a dangerous path.
  • I want to spend time with others, and especially in fellowship with other believers.
  • I enjoy my service to God, my family and my community. I also appreciate quiet time and a chance to meditate and reflect and commune. I recognize that these quiet moments to give me a peace that undergirds all the other parts of my life.
  • I wait for God’s direction in serving others, and leave the outcome to Him. I no longer try to be God to others. I rest in the knowledge that God loves me unconditionally – that is my security. I don’t need to find my worth in others’ opinions or perceptions. When I find myself slipping backwards to old patterns, I ask God to help me re-establish my foundation in Him.

Here are some other signs that can help us find our way:

STOP – Stop Taking On Problems;  Start Taking On Promises

YIELD – Yield In Everything, Loving Deeply;  Yield, Imitate, Embrace, Learn, Depend

SLOW – Start Living On Wisdom (Worship, Worth); Stop Living On Wishes (Work, Worry)

SCHOOL ZONE – Stay in the zone of lifelong learning.

CONSTRUCTION ZONE – Remember, God isn’t finished with you yet.

TURN RIGHT – Seek God’s will before making a decision.

NO LEFT TURNS – If we don’t turn right, we’ll be left with the consequences.